Empower3 Center for Health


EMPOWER3 is an innovative new model of healthcare that will change the way you experience primary care. With EMPOWER3 you get unlimited access to your primary care physician, plus so much more … for so much less. EMPOWER3 is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice, which means members pay one flat monthly fee and no insurance is involved. We invite businesses and individuals to call today and see if EMPOWER3 is right for you.


healthcare1Unlimited visits to your EMPOWER3 primary care physician

healthcare2State-of-the-art X-ray and MRI services*

healthcare3Preventative care including sutures, biopsies, vaccines and pap smears

healthcare4Pharmacist providing most generic prescription drugs at no cost

healthcare5Dietitian to help you manage weight and establish healthy habits

healthcare6Behavioral health counseling, as needed*

healthcare7Bloodwork and testing including chronic disease management

healthcare8Telemedicine specialists consulting on Dermatology, Cardiology and more

healthcare9Physical therapy to help you rebound faster*

Call us at 800-925-0611 to join!



*EMPOWER3 offers two plans: Basic and Prime. X-Rays and MRIs, physical therapy and counseling services are included only with the Prime membership.

Note: EMPOWER3 is not health insurance. Those not covered by an Affordable Care Act-approved health insurance plan may be subject to an ACA tax penalty.